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Studio Emerge brings you classes deeply influenced by my background in physical therapy, my deep love for anatomy and functional movement, and my training in yoga, pilates, and barre.  The online classes will challenge and support your body and mind, but in a way that never sacrifices form.  I am here to make you feel stronger, balanced, and recovered, and to keep you doing the things you love.  Studio Emerge is about helping you move better, feel better, sleep better, and prevent injury.  

The classes range from 5 to 60 minutes, so you can choose the class that best fits your day and how you are feeling.  You will experience an efficient, fun and effective workout with the ability to choose the duration and style of class.


all classes

5 to 60 minutes

sculpt full body

30 to 60 minutes

sculpt 30 & under

5 to 30 minutes

sculpt abs

5 to 17 minutes

sculpt arms

7 to 18 minutes

sculpt glutes

7 to 18 minutes

sculpt legs

9 to 30 minutes


27 to 51 minutes

yoga stretch

6 to 32 minutes


5 to 25 minutes


6 to 7 minutes

Meet Heather Walther of Studio Emerge

Studio Emerge brings you my 16-plus years of experience in the fitness industry that led me to develop thoughtful classes to challenge and support the body and mind. The online classes are intended to be all about you!  What do YOU need today?  The Studio Emerge catalog will bring you exactly what you need for yourself so you can go about your day feeling strong, balanced and recovered.


Lizzie K
Brigitte U
Raj T
Casey S

"Any class Heather teaches is mindful, challenging, and always interesting. I look forward to taking her sculpt and yoga classes every week, in fact, I work my schedule around them."

Lizzie K

"I have followed Heather with my fitness journey for over eight years. She understands the body in such an incredible way. You'll not only sweat during her workouts, but feel incredibly empowered and strong."

Brigitte U

"Heather’s ability to create a motivating class experience is unmatched. A background in physical therapy means she can deliver effective workouts designed with your personal fitness goals and level in mind. My body and mind definitely crave her clean and challenging workout classes."

Raj T

"Heather has a certain energy that makes you feel good about honoring where your body is while encouraging you to hold a little longer or do a little more."

Casey S


All you have to do is login to your account on StudioEmerge.com or the app and hit play from your laptop, tablet, or phone!

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