Hi, I’m Heather!

I fell in love with movement, alignment, posture, and anatomy at an early age as a competitive gymnast. When I was no longer competing, I discovered group fitness in high school as a way to satisfy the love of exercise and community I found in sports. This led me to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Missouri - Columbia. I launched Studio Emerge because I wanted to share my passion for the classes that I love to teach to help you move better, feel better, sleep better, and prevent injury.

Your Health & Wellness Goals Matter

As I moved away from treating patients and into the fitness world I grew to love working with fellow athletes and realized there were multiple areas of my training that I wanted to utilize to emphasize the importance of a balanced fitness routine. Because of this, I am a certified yoga instructor, and found that my interest in disciplines that still held those values of alignment, posture, and anatomy were fully aligned. I am also trained in Pilates mat and reformer, and served as the master instructor for the Dailey Method in St. Louis. 

My Focus is on You!

Studio Emerge brings you my 16 plus years of experience in the fitness industry that led me to develop thoughtful classes intended to challenge and support your body and mind.



The online classes are intended to be challenging but in a way that never sacrifices form. You will experience an efficient, fun and effective workout with the ability to choose the duration and style of class and mix it up.

This class uses a mix of equipment and your own body weight to build strength and muscular endurance. Optional equipment includes light weights, ball, gliders, and resistance bands. 

An athletic approach with a focus on strength and flexibility while always incorporating breath.  Optional equipment includes yoga blocks and yoga strap. 

An essential component of any fitness program. This class incorporates the use of myofascial release tools to release tension and improve movement.  Equipment needed includes myofascial release balls, but could be substituted with lacrosse or tennis balls. 

* Please consult your physician before starting a new exercise program. 




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Mix and match and take a combo of sculpt, yoga, and recovery classes.


Be challenged, motivated, and encouraged along your fitness journey by Heather Walther!


Any class Heather teaches is mindful, challenging, and always interesting. I look forward to taking her sculpt and yoga classes every week, in fact, I work my schedule around them.

Lizzie K

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