Heather Walther

St Louis, MO, United States

Replied on 51 Minute Yoga

Apr 30 at 07:50 PM

You got this!! 💪


Replied on 40 Minute Yoga

Apr 30 at 07:50 PM

Love that!  We all need the balance challenges! 


Replied on 30 minute Yoga #4

Apr 30 at 07:49 PM

Love the feedback!  So glad you liked it!! 


Feb 26 at 04:19 PM

So so happy you liked it!!!!

Feb 26 at 04:18 PM

Yay!!  💪


Feb 26 at 04:17 PM

Love that!  xoxo


Commented on Booty on fire!

Nov 15 at 09:26 PM



Nov 04 at 11:04 AM

Look for the new 23 minute sculpt workout for Abs & Glutes up on the website and app!  This is quick and efficient and will leave you feeling accomplished and strong!  Optional equipment includes a ball.  

Oct 28 at 08:49 PM

Can’t wait to hear what you think!! ❤️


Oct 28 at 03:20 PM

Look for a new 12 minute sculpt workout for legs up on the website and app!  These leg workouts are an excellent way to build strength and build a great foundation for your daily life!  It's great if you are short on time or you can stack with other workouts!